The ultimate old photos post

I have been beavering away preparing a DVD version for some of my rellies. Here’s a YouTube of that.

The ultimate old family pics posting! Ranges from Scotland in the 1860s to mostly the late 1950s. For more see and

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Scans worth preserving–7–Christisons?

Sometimes old photos are total mysteries. This one was with the other photos from early in grandfather Roy Christison’s career, so perhaps it is from Braefield, Milton or Shellharbour schools. What can we learn from the clothing about a possible date? 1920s perhaps, or during World War I?



Scans worth preserving 6–Christisons 2


Dave Christison – my grandfather’s brother


My grandfather Roy became a teacher. Here he is outside the residence in Shellharbour in the early 1930s, my grandmother Ada (Hunter) in the background.


Visiting the Hunters in Dulwich Hill between 1915 and 1918. Roy is back row right – I think!

Centre foreground my uncle Eric with the boat, my mother, and the baby is probably my aunt Beth.


CHRISTISON-HUNTER.- February 8. 1908. at Dulwich Hill, by the Rev. R. Jennings, Roy Hampton Christison, to Ada Hunter. Present address: Public School, Shellharbour. – Notice in Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 8 February 1933.

Information on the Hunters


Born: 1802, Crackenthorpe,Nr Appleby,Westmorland

Baptised: 5 APR 1802, Crackenthorpe,Nr Appleby,Westmorland

Died: 17 MAY 1848, Kirkby Thore,Westmorland

m. Elizabeth JACKSON

Born: 1808, Little Salkeld,Cumberland

Baptised: 3 MAR 1808, Little Salkeld,Cumberland

Died: 31 JAN 1891, Kirkby Thore,Westmorland

Buried: 2 FEB 1891, Kirkby Thore,Westmorland

Married: 26 AUG 1826, Skelton,Cumberland,England


Henry HUNTER  son of above

  • Born: 2 JUN 1846, Kirkby Thore,Westmorland,England
  • Baptised: 12 JUL 1846, Kirkby Thore,Westmorland,England
  • Died: 20 JUL 1912, Dulwich Hill,N.S.W.,Australia
  • Buried: Rookwood Cemetery,Sydney

Isabella Ann NELSON 

  • Born: 1845, Bongate,Appleby,Westmorland
  • Baptised: 30 DEC 1845, St Michael,Appleby,Westmorland
  • Died: 23 JUL 1925, Dulwich Hill,N.S.W.,Australia*
  • Buried: Rookwood Cemetery,Sydney
  • Married: 31 DEC 1867, St Michael,Appleby,Westmorland

They had the following children:

  1. Elizabeth Anne HUNTER
  2. Mary HUNTER
    • Born: 15 AUG 1870, Middlesborough,Yorkshire
    • Died: 5 JUN 1872, Middlesborough,Yorkshire
  3. Margaret Jane HUNTER
  4. John Henry HUNTER
  5. Nelson HUNTER
    • Born: 29 DEC 1876, Sydney,New South Wales, Australia
    • Died: 2 AUG 1878, Sydney,New South Wales, Australia
  6. Isabella HUNTER
    • Born: 7 APR 1879, Goulburn,New South Wales, Australia
  7. Emily HUNTER
  8. Ada HUNTER
  9. Thomas HUNTER
  10. Mabel HUNTER

* My mother’s middle name was Isabella – a fact she often hid! The old lady in the photos above is Isabella Hunter. The story goes she died thinking she was back in the Lakes District. Homesick.


Appleby – Isabella’s birthplace

On my grandfather’s career see  More tales from my mother 1 — Spencer, NSW and

Scans worth preserving–5: Christisons 1–my mother’s family

See also: Scans worth preserving–2: re Sophia Jane Christison 1858-1952; Being Australian 16: inclusive multiculturalism Aussie style 9 – my tribes; Family matters.

In that last post I reviewed “Leonie Knapman’s Joadja Creek, which I [had] just borrowed from Wollongong Library, [including] some excellent pics of my great-great-grandfather and great-grandfather.”


David and Catherine Christison – my great-great-grandparents.

Some years ago now I wrote in Family stories 2 — About the Christisons:

My maternal great-grandfather, John Hampton Christison. A bit Byronic in several ways by all accounts. This picture was taken in the late 1880s. He was an interesting character who published a book on Scottish dancing and etiquette. (Christison, JH. (1882), Manual of Dancing and Etiquette, 793.4 C. Mitchell Library, Sydney.) He was born in Scotland. (5th May 1858, Brechin, Angus, Scotland; married Sophia Jane Lillie in Australia 1880.) I had always thought John Christison was born in Australia. His father was David Christison(1828-1905) who was born in Fife, Scotland, and died 11th November 1905 at Joadja Creek, NSW, now a ghost town. He was in his later years a Lamp Lighter for Mittagong Council. John certainly took his family back to Scotland, around the time these photos were taken, in Maitland NSW, in fact, and I suspect before departure sometime in the later 1880s. One winter was enough to persuade them to return to Australia. My grandfather Roy remembered the locals in Inverurie (or was it Inverbervie?) calling out to them, “Kiltie, kiltie cold bum” as they swanned down the street in this gear.

New scans of the photos referred to there:


John Christison


Roy Christison

Not seen here before are these two:


David Christison, father of John, in Scotland


Brechin: where David C lived.

More Christison pics to come.

Scans worth preserving–2: re Sophia Jane Christison 1858-1952

I did an earlier entry on this on Ninglun’s Specials, but the new scanner justifies this new presentation.

See also Family stories 2 — About the Christisons and Jean Christison to her grandmother — an undated letter from Braefield.



She was in her 90s when this was taken and had just made the cake.

The following letter was on the death of my grandfather T D S Whitfield.



The letter from Braefield c.1919. See transcript. This is more than likely to Grandma Hunter (Ada’s mother) rather than Grandma Christison.