So, Mount Keira is of significance to the Dharawal…

Not at all surprising. One of the books I borrowed from Wollongong Library yesterday, when I joined, is a history of the area. More on that later.

View from Bulli Lookout

Crown St Wollongong .004

Photos at Chilby Photography, where there are also many interesting facts.

According to the Alcheringa, the dreaming of the local Aboriginal peoples, Mount Keira is Geera, the daughter of Oola-boola-woo, the West Wind. The story of the creation of Mount Keira is tied to the creation of the Five Islands, which sit just off the Wollongong coast. In the story, Oola-boola-woo had six daughters, Mimosa, Wilga, Lilli Pilli, Wattle, Clematis and Geera. They lived a-top the Illawarra escarpment, and one by one the first five children misbehaved, raising the ire of Oola-boola-woo, who cast them and the stone beneath them out to see, forming the Five Islands. Geera, who was now the only child left on their escarpment home, had no one to play with and no one to talk to as her father was often away. Geera spent all day sitting, hunched over and watching the camps of the local Aboriginal people and looking out to sea at her five sisters. Eventually she turned to stone, dust and leaves building up around her until she became a part of the escarpment. She is known today as Mount Keira. Local aboriginal legends told of Mount Kembla and Mount Keira being sisters and the Five Islands being daughters of the wind.