More on yesterday’s Shire excursion

The Classes of 68 and 69 may be found here.Flies_away


prefects1968aprefects1968bDr Colin Glendinning

Left: Paul Kelly, T Griffiths, Paul Weirick, R Priddy

Centre – Colin Glendinning 1968

Right – Colin Glendinning 2011




The venue for yesterday’s gathering in Gymea. Passing magpie in the grounds, and I believe that is Dent’s Creek.

Back from The Shire

1968-ers, not 1969! Paul Kelly (class of 68 Cronulla High and former Deputy Surveyor General of New South Wales, among other distinctions) collected me at Sutherland Station and took me to this place in Gymea.


The photo is linked.


Joining us were Alan Andrews, from the Maths Department at Cronulla in the 60s and also an ongoing Rugby League person of some note. Two other former students also came – Colin Glendinning, a medical doctor,  and Paul Weirick, a retired engineer.

Paul Kelly brought some interesting photos and he and others also had some great anecdotes, some of them things I had forgotten.

I walked back to Gymea Station afterwards, not having walked through Gymea for over 40 years!


Then changed at Sutherland for Wollongong. It was a rather warm afternoon.



September is streaking by!

As I mentioned the other day, a year ago was the End of an era: June 1992 to September 2010!

The longest I have ever been at one address: Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills.

Swept the garage today, gathered the last load of stuff, left the keys behind.

Later that week I posted one of my better “through the window” shots.

Now back to Cronulla and last Saturday

Captures from my video:


First time I have seen Gunnamatta Bay from a train window for at least 45 years!


Former students

From the Facebook Album:



Centre – Alan, who was Head Teacher Maths when I was teaching English.

Update from Facebook: “Well there you go couple of the best league players to come out of the school John Watkins and Bruce Howell with their old coach Alan Andrews.”

And for the record here is the Class of 1968 in 1968!


See How young we were! and More Cronulla High memories.

It was great to see Marilyn Markham (Berriman) on Saturday, except that she looked so well preserved!  Winking smile

Here I am at the Cronulla High 50th!


And a couple more from a really great album on Facebook.


311193_193538877386542_143176525756111_517919_39441284_n (1)

And in another school not too far away and a couple of days later, my grand-niece Lauren is in Year 12 muck-up mode! Can’t believe it! At the weekend I was talking to people who had sat the very first HSCs  from 1967 to 1969 – and I taught them!


Sorry, Lauren – but it is such fun!


I didn’t attend the dinner dance that night, returning to The Gong instead. However, I see an album has appeared on Facebook.





Left: Professor Brian McCaughan Right: Professor Geoff McCaughan

That 1968 class ranks as one of the most remarkable I ever taught!

Reposting from the photo blog: more on The Shire!

Did you know The Shire has its own flag?*


Sutherland flag



Sutherland Station

* So does Wollongong have a flag…


Wollongong The Brave! (On One Side…)

Raise your heads high
See a burnt sienna sky
Land so free
Of trees
You may laugh, say we pong
But to me it’s Wollongong
Wollongong the Brave
Lift up your hand
To an Illawarra land
Of Dapto, Port Kembula and thee
What should I say?
Should I just say "G’day"?
Wollongong the Brave

The ages wait for us to share
Our wit and wisdom with the world
We don’t have class
But we do have Bulli Pass
And Mount Ouseley
So be proud and shout loud
Speak Australian, make the sound
Wollon the Gonga the Brave

Break free from our bonds
Like an island of palm fronds
Aloha my Wollongong the Brave

Stand tall, straight and strong
Hold your nose in Wollongong
Land that is girt by sea
On one side

In The Shire–very special afternoon

Sutherland was my next stop after Cronulla. I hadn’t been to see my Uncle Roy and Aunt Kay for far too long.


Sutherland Station


Kay and Roy have lived in this house in Sutherland all their married lives – and my grandfather and grandmother lived there before that. My father built the house over sixty years ago. Continue reading