My blogging history

2000 – that’s when I began with a small site on something called Talk City – free template and all that. I was a late starter with computers: 1999 was when I first went on the Internet at work, and 2000 at home. On the old Talk City site I started a diary, or rather continued one I had begun in private on my old Brother Word Processor. There’s evidence of that time at Blogging the Noughties: 1 – 2000 on Floating Life.

I chose the name Wu Ninglun at first to keep my students away from what I wrote: all it is is a Mandarin version of Neil Whitfield. But they soon found me; nonetheless I persisted with the Ninglun right up to the present, though this blog, as you will note, is under my real name.  Go to claimid_badge (which I have just updated) to see what still “belongs” to me on the Net.

Bit of a milestone over on Floating Life.

  • Since 1 Dec 2007: 155,000+ hits for Floating Life (WordPress stats)! :)
  • 419,000+ visits to all the Floating Life blogs since 7 July 2001.

So I’ve been a decade on, variously, Talk City, Angelfire, Geocities, Tripod, Diary-X, Blogspot, Journalspace and, of course – and most successfully –! Not to mention MySpace, Facebook and Twitter…

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