Canberra trip – what can you say?


Follow the whole exhibition from the masthead above.

191213 191179 191255

191205 191233 191274

191224 191269 191270


191267 191246 191236

It’s true: no reproduction can match the intensity of the original.

To Canberra to see Van Gogh etc

Sirdan took P and I to Canberra so we could visit the National Gallery for Masterpieces of Paris. I’ll tell you more about the trip later on, but tonight I’ll share some photos. More will appear over the next several days on Neil’s Sydney Photo Blog. Click the images to make them larger.


We called in at Berrima Pub, the oldest continuously licensed inn in Australia, on the way down.


Spectacular light over Lake George.

I’m proud of this as I took it from a moving car travelling at 110 kph.

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