Too hot to write…

Albion Park (Wollongong Airport) is on 44C right now and that – or more — is what I surely felt in one of the hottest winds I can remember as I walked from the bus to The Bates Motel.  The “official” temp for The Gong measured at Bellambi Point is always way below what we feel here in West Wollongong. 26.9 they say now for there.  They must have their thermometer in the fridge!


Crown Street Mall at noon.

6:45 pm


The view from my window ten minutes ago. Now I do believe I hear maybe a southerly wind!* 

It has been a day of records: the hottest in Sydney ever, and ditto for Wollongong where we reached 46C.

Sydney has experienced its hottest day on record, with temperatures passing 45 degrees across the greater city area.

The mercury hit 45.8 degrees Celsius at Observatory Hill at 2.55pm, 0.5 above Sydney’s previous hottest day in 1939.

Across greater Sydney, the hottest temperatures recorded were at Penrith (46.5C at 2.16pm), Camden (46.4C at 3.04pm), Richmond (46.4C at 3.01pm), Sydney Airport (46.4C at 2.32pm) and Bankstown (46.1C at 3.28pm).

* 9.30 pm – pretty weak old change so far though!