In which Paul Sheehan has been taking happy pills…

Maybe. Or is it just me? But I actually found myself enjoying a thing or two he has written lately.

Today, for example: The camera is capturing the modern narrative.  Not at all bad, and I do think Loon Pond is too mocking in this one. And then, a recent piece Loon Pond refers to sarcastically as a contradiction of today’s: We cannot slow down and it is at our peril.

The transfer of wealth upwards over the past quarter-century is well documented as a byproduct of global capitalism.

Then there is climate change, an encompassing process of accelerating change and disruption. The ideology of manic economic growth, driven by the false wisdom that technology can conquer problems caused by technology, is clearly having a global impact on the environment caused by the reality that 7 billion people now live on the planet and the average person is consuming far more than ever before in history. That this must significantly affect not just the environment but the global climate invokes the most basic and self-evident commonsense.

The world’s scientific community has presented a compelling case that the acceleration of global consumption is in turn accelerating the much deeper natural pattern of climate change.

If you feel like life around you is speeding up, especially the cycle of invention to obsolescence, it’s not you, it’s everyone and everything.


But then Loon Pond, along with just about everyone including, I would think, Ms Macklin herself, is onto one of the great attacks of foot-in-mouth compounded by a very dubious attempt to airbrush the evidence.

stay calm

Unfortunate, to say the least.


Climate change or not? Well one day proves nought, but all I can say I am glad my part of the world – The Gong – is apparently going to avoid this corker on Friday.


AUSTRALIA’S notoriously variable climate is on full display, with parts of the nation about to experience one of the largest heatwaves in territorial extent in decades after coming off a sharp shift in 2012 from wetter to drier-than-average conditions.

A major swath of central Australia stretching from Oodnadatta to Coober Pedy and Birdsville can expect maximum temperatures of 45 degrees or hotter for at least a week.

Towns to the south and east, such as Mildura and Hay, can expect to broil with 40-degree maximum temperatures for just as long.

The heat will be focused on internal regions.

”We have a major heat event under way,” Karl Braganza, manager of climate monitoring at the Bureau of Meteorology, said. ”There are not many instances in the historical record where you get a heat event covering such a large area of the continent.”…

Well, cheers then… Stay cool.


And yes, I am still playing with the new photo software. My attempts at turning myself into a koala have not been too successful yet, but keep watching!