My underwhelming posts of 2012 (so far)

Of course this post may change that!  I take the idea from My most ignored posts of 2011:

Thanks for the idea for this post to Winton Bates via Jim Belshaw. Unfortunately I can’t really do it as WordPress stops well before listing posts no one at all ever looked at! … Just shows people don’t appreciate quality, eh! Winking smile

OK, here are the ones that had a mere 8 views each in 2012. That’s as low as the WordPress stats will go.

From #18:

  1. Green things gone mad 
  2. Monckton — the follow-up 
  3. 2010: I joined the Steelers Club 
  4. Scans worth preserving–5: Christisons 1–my mother’s family 
  5. C’est moi 
  6. Sunday lunch at Diggers 
  7. Searchings — 1 
  8. In the matter of David Hicks — 2 
  9. Paper! Paper! 
  10. Exploring my inner Scot — 3 
  11. Is the Christmas Bush early this year? 
  12. I’d rather talk about Leonard Cohen 
  13. Where are the loons of yesteryear? 
  14. Idiot box? Only if you want it to be… Part 1 
  15. With thanks to Rob Baiton 
  16. Poor old pensioner watching Cricket… 
  17. Music and my life– 2— 1945 
  18. mais où est l’Albury d’antan? 
  19. Being Australian 30b: inclusive multiculturalism Aussie style 16 — fair, reasonable, and far from radical — 2 
  20. Passing of a person of faith 
  21. Please take a moment while we… 
  22. Miss Odgerny and other contemporary figures 
  23. My overstuffed (virtual) bookshelf — 3 
  24. What was hot here in 2011 
  25. There’s always the weather to talk about… 
  26. It’s spring in Port Kembla… 
  27. When I was young, and you were my street tutor… 
  28. On TV–and on how little I really know about my own country despite almost 70 years in it 
  29. In train at Coledale 
  30. Who is in favour of monoculturalism? 
  31. More on “Tony Abbott was right: we really should move on” 
  32. Blogging–a side-track 
  33. The best TV you haven’t seen yet, and our Asian Century 
  34. Visit a bookshop week starts 22 October – spread the word 
  35. 2011 retrospective–7 — July 

Go on! Look at some and lift them to the heights of 9 or even 10 views for the year!