At The Brewery on Remembrance Day — 1

This from today’s Illawarra Mercury: Illawarra brewers enjoy breakout success.

Being based in the Illawarra or South Coast isn’t a problem for winemakers, with people regularly travelling to the region to sample their wares.

But it has been a different story for the region’s two breweries – the Illawarra Brewing Company (IBC) in Wollongong and HopDog in Nowra.

While Tim Thomas from HopDog said he sold most of his beer out of the area, the IBC has had to overcome the hurdle of having "Illawarra" in their name…

This is despite brewers Ashur Hall and Shaun Blissett winning gold medals for their beers at the Australian International Beer Awards and Royal Easter Show.

"I got a bit frustrated with it about a year ago, reading blogs and the idea that we were from the Illawarra," Mr Hall said.

"There was one quote from a guy who said, ‘I wouldn’t bother drinking Illawarra beers, because I know they’re bad’.

"This was after we won two gold medals at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. I thought, ‘Hang on, mate, we beat beers that you like. so what’s going on there?’ It was just because of the name.

"But I think we’re getting beyond that. In Sydney we’ve got a pretty good following."…

And so they should.



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