Quiet Friday

Lunch at Diggers and a quick vino at Steelers.


Saw an occasional bit of the Cricket. Then a brilliant sunset at The Bates Motel.

FotoSketcher - PB090060

Made a little painterly there with FotoSketcher.

Interesting WordPress Bestseller List.

Take a look at the bestsellers and award winners who use WordPress — and be sure to scroll down to read about the notable works and WordPress-powered websites of twelve authors we’ve handpicked from this impressive list…


And quite a few more of course. I immediately think of  Cristian Mihai, for example, and of US GLBT author Rich Merritt, and then there’s The Rochford Street Review from Sydney. Not to mention poet Adam Aitken.  Be interesting to know how many writers, famous or obscure, have embraced the blog, specifically WordPress.com which in my view is the best of the popular platforms now.