The best TV you haven’t seen yet, and our Asian Century

I have downloaded the Australian Government’s Australia in the Asian Century White Paper. It strikes me as playing catch-up with reality. Further, whoever the government happened to be right now, I suspect they would have produced something so nearly identical that you’d have a hard time spotting the difference. That is why Tony Abbott, for all his trademark hairy chest pose on this, was actually quite kind to it.


Australia’s trade links

Two-way trade with Australia

And an interesting one from the US conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation. Click to go to the full interactive version.


Jim Belshaw has started his much more informed ruminations on the Asian Century White Paper.

The best TV you haven’t seen in Australia

Though this ought not to stop you seeing it. I have downloaded it from YouTube and have now seen it. Awesome and depressing. As someone notes on YouTube:

That’s really depressing. Fred Singer and Lord Monckton still being taken seriously.

America is sick, very very sick.


If you still can’t see that a determined political and economic propaganda campaign has been deliberately and largely successfully undermining the impact of climate science in recent years then you really need to see this. Few things are more pathetic in this shallow world than those whose fetishes about one particular view of economics combine with self-interest, ego and often culpable blindness to hold us back from doing what needs to be done. When the infants of today are middle-aged in a world where climate change is no longer doubted because its effects will by then have been obvious and in many cases disastrous, they will curse these think tanks and batty British aristocrats and loudmouthed pundits and shonky PR hacks and the whole seedy pack of them. They’ll wonder why the rest of us could have been so stupid. As if something like climate gives a shit about our views on the free market!

See – after that little rant — "Climate of Doubt" — Money Buys Skepticism and Must See: Climate of Doubt.

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