Various but local

Yesterday, as described in The Illawarra Mercury.

The Illawarra and its surrounds have lived through four seasons in a single day, complete with snow, flooding, wild winds, sideways rain and, later, cloudless blue skies…

"It’s definitely been an interesting 48 hours," said the bureau’s Michael Logan.

"Watching it unfold has been of great interest to us meteorologists. We’ve seen widespread snowfalls right up and down the Great Dividing Range, to quite low levels. That Moss Vale [less than 700m above sea level] reported snow is very unusual."

Wollongong woke yesterday to heavy thunder and rain, debris, and a chilly seven degrees – shocking after balmy days that seemed to signal an early start to summer.

Mount Keira Road looked like this, thanks to a pipe blowing. I missed seeing it as I went down to the Diggers Club where I found some very good conversation.


Today Mount Keira Road is a bit different.


Going back in time.

There are a some fascinating archival photos at University of Wollongong Historical Images.


Your guess is as good as mine!


Definitely the 70s.