Against fanaticism of all kinds–recalling Bali ten years on

See also Seems like this is quite a week for remembering… and hoping reports of possible attacks against Australian VIPs in Bali tomorrow – Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott and John Howard –  prove unfounded or if true such attacks come to nothing.

I dedicate this to all those whatever their tradition who are opposed to fanatics and fanaticism, particularly today the totally amazing Malala Yousufzai.

Pakistan has done a poor job looking after its children. The physical, mental, and sexual abuse of children is widespread in Pakistan. Add to this the food and other insecurities brought about by economic turmoil in the country that is likely to cause stunted growth in the future generations. The attack on Malala is further proof of the fact that the life and welfare of the youth is not safe in Pakistan.

Who is Malala Yousufzai?

As her attackers asked in Pushto who is Malala Yusufzai (Malala Yousufzai sok daa?), they obviously did not know her or of her. Let me answer this question for anyone who wants to know. Malala is what Taliban will never be. She is fearless, enlightened, articulate, and a young Muslim woman who is the face of Pakistan and the hope for a faltering nation that can no longer protect its daughters.

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…Oh, how wonderful it would have been for these fools had it been a drone missile that had stopped Malala’s school van, identified her and then attacked her. Pakistan would have erupted and carried ‘true believers’ and courageous men to the seat of power and better still, the new caliphate.

I sincerely apologise to young Malala for being unable to demonstrate any worthwhile anger or rage for what happened to her. I apologise for this rage fatigue.

In just 14 years she has gone through and achieved so much more than I have (or can) in my forty-plus years.

Remember also, fellow Muslims, what astray Muslims like me say is a pit of tar-like delusions in which we have fallen, is actually a doorway beyond which lies salvation and the glorious path to a revolutionary and pious life and a comfy afterlife.

A monster does what a monster does and a mere condemnation of him is a farce.

But yes, who really deserve condemnation are us Pakistanis as a people. I apologise to Malala for a society who has forgotten to apologise. Half of it is busy frantically convoluting scenarios to explain away this cowardly act and hold on to the delusions upon which they construct their politics and fire their oh-so-revolutionary rhetoric; while the other half, like me, are sinking (or being sunk) into a sticky puddle of apathy and cynicism.