Slightly hung over this morning…

…which is unusual for me, but I did consume more red wine than I should have at my Iranian neighbour’s place last night. The evening was meant to honour a compatriot of his who has just had a paper accepted by one of the most prestigious science journals in the world.


Iranian students at Wollongong University, June 2009

My neighbour and his friend are both in cutting edge scientific and engineering endeavours at the very impressive Innovation Campus of the University of Wollongong. My neighbour is of Christian background. His friend, whose family is currently in Tehran but originally from the Kurdish west by the Iraq border – not a good place to have been a few years back, is an atheist. They both see the current multiheaded regime in Iran as having been terribly destructive. Multiheaded? Yes, that there is a religious authority of the Ayatollahs etc as well as the government of Ahmadinejad is just part of what seems a very complex situation.

I probably know more about Iran that the average citizen does, but last night I really felt that I knew very little indeed.


Iranian peoples/languages

See the information linked to that map. Also: Iranian Australians; History of the Kurdish people; Iran: A Vast Diaspora Abroad and Millions of Refugees at Home (2006).