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OK, Jim. Will do.

Friday, 1 June 2012
New Dymocks store to open in Wollongong

After seven months without a dedicated new bookstore, Wollongong in NSW will soon see the return of Dymocks to its city centre.

Dymocks is set to open a 220 sqm store in August at Wollongong Central, the same shopping centre that was home to a Dymocks outlet which closed in 2010. The store will be operated by new franchise owners John and Antoinette Bernardi.

The store will employ eight staff once in full trading mode…

As previously reported by Bookseller+Publisher, following a string of bookshop closures in Wollongong, secondhand bookshop Perey’s Books began selling new-release titles this year, resulting in a significant increase in sales. Owner Jo Abrantes told Bookseller+Publisher at the time that she plans to extend the store’s trading hours and install an in-store cafe.

But what’s this from Perey’s Books?

We are moving to Melbourne!
We will be operating online only  for a few months from November onwards as we are moving to Melbourne.
We  have 1000’s of books that we don’t want to move so we are having a HUGE MOVING SALE.
Most books 50% off and some even 75% off the marked prices.


I must go up to Thirroul in the coming week to see if Jack and the Beanstalk is still going strong. Ah, apparently it is! Smile  Or should I wait until the weather gets warmer, as in January last year:

And here is something kind of related: Wollongong Readers.


On the Kobo I am still working my way through Marcel Proust. I am on the downhill run for Le Côté de Guermantes and in sight of Sodome et Gomorrhe. I do diversify though, taking in an essay by Francis Bacon or a biographical entry from one of several reference books sitting among the 2000+ books – mostly free – on the Kobo. The book – the real one – is proving fascinating. See The Brain is Wider than the Sky.

And for amusement:

Why is Wollongong pronounced "Woollongong"?

Harriet Veitch (2007)

Because if you don’t, Aunty Jack will come down and rip ya bloody arms off.
Steve Barrett, Glenbrook

This is a ploy to woo visitors who might otherwise be long gone.
Jim Dewar, North Gosford

Whatever the reason that Wollongong is pronounced Woolongong, it must be the same reason that Towradgi is pronounced Towrodgi and Woonona pronounced W’noona.
Wendy Shepherd, Austinmer

For the same reason that Woonona (a northern suburb of Wollongong) is pronounced Woonoona.
Allan Napier, Woonona

Because if yer don’t, I’ll rip yer bloody arms orf.
J. Barrie Brown, Gordon

Woodendong sounds a trifle vulgar and impotent.
Paul Roberts, Lake Cathie

In Cantonese, Wu Loong Gong literally translates as `black dragon harbour’, or more poetically, `the dragon got drunk and fell into the harbour’. Whatever it means, it is incontrovertable proof that the Chinese discovered Australia first.
Ian Hart, Canberra

For the same reason Canberra is pronounced `Kembra’, Sydney `Sydnie’ and Brisbane `Brisbn’.
Christina Windsor, Scarborough

Wollongong is the Aboriginal for `Look, here comes the monster’. The Aboriginals probably spelt it and pronounced it Woolongong but the First Fleeters were convicts and could not spell in Aboriginal.
Terry Gorman, Newport

It’s to make up for the mispronounciation of `maroon’ as `marone’.
Alan Baxter, Bronte

I guess that Wollongong is pronounced Woollongong for much the same reason that London is pronounced Lunden.
Des Storrier, Goulburn