Still contemplating August stats

You may recall that my Sitemeter for July suffered from several outages, so take that month with a grain of salt.


That covers all my blogs except for English/ESL and its obscure hidden student archive. Guess you could say August was “normal”. WordPress stats reveal this blog was up on last month with 4,564 hits compared with 3,269 in July. The photo blog had 1,629, the highest number since February 2010.

Of the archived blogs:

  • Floating Life 4/06 to 11/07 had 2,633 visits
  • Floating Life had 1,549
  • Ninglun’s Specials had 1,144

But of all my archives this still cruises ahead:



  1. How should I write up a Science experiment? 2,148 views in August 2012
  2. Essay writing: Module C “Conflicting Perspectives” – the introduction 1,024
  3. A student’s “Belonging Essay” workshopped 662
  4. Home page / Archives 641
  5. What tense should I use when I write about literature? 456
  6. Is “majority” singular or plural? 341
  7. How can I write faster in exams? 221
  8. Workshop 03 — Creative Writing (Year 12) 178
  9. Scaffolding 177
  10. How can I write better short stories? 152