August 2012 on this blog

My template has been remarkably stable lately, but as you can see I am trying WordPress’s newest now. It is meant to be more readable and cleaner than the last one, pretty as that was.

It has been a good month for this blog, already 1,000 more hits than July, according to WordPress. The photo blog has really kicked on too, averaging 53 hits a day in August compared with the year average over the past three years of 34.

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And on the photo blog

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Once in a blue moon

I was awake for some reason in the wee hours this morning. From The Bates Motel window I saw…



See Once in a blue moon. But it’s tomorrow you get to see the “blue” moon…

… but don’t let the name mislead you – the moon won’t be shining blue.

The lunar event, a blue moon, occurs when two full moons are squeezed into a calendar month.

Astrophysicist Dr Stephen Hughes says the quirk in our calendar means the event happens about seven times in 19 years, which is about once every two-and-a-half years….

I missed Episode 3 of Go Back to Where You Came From last night, because I was having a long chat and a wine or two with an Iranian neighbour. But I can see remaining encore episodes on SBS TWO – Friday and Saturday at 9:30pm.

Have you tried the quiz?