Sniffing out the swamp then looking up….

I have been holding my nose while exploring the sad sad travesty that we call an asylum seeker debate these days – the abuse, among other things, of the word SOLUTION for policies – whoever comes up with them – that are not actually solutions to anything, except maybe the spin cycle of the moment… But then we have been conditioned by the advertising industry and the language abuse common in business to see “solutions” of all kinds — on the sides of trucks that used just to be trucks and so on. Strangely though I actually find aspects of the recently released Expert Panel Report – which I am actually reading, unlike most of you – quite useful. On the other hand of course…

So away from the stench down here I was chuffed and suitably chastened by this image:


Now I am sure you’ve seen this – Earth, Venus and Jupiter from the surface of Mars.Trouble is it is a fake. The following is genuine, if old – 2004.


But both do serve to challenge our self-importance and expose our sad inadequacy when it comes to addressing the problems of or on our planet. Oh what a piece of work is man, in several senses!

This photo is not a fake, though I had to work on it a bit as it was an impossible shot from my window late afternoon yesterday, straight into the sun. I am rather fond of contre jour but this was ridiculous. I knew the Rainbow Lorikeet was there in the coral tree, but could see nothing but glare in the viewfinder.