Facebook’s big shrink– Google Chrome vs Firefox – FB/Chrome fail!

Quite suddenly and spontaneously this afternoon my Facebook page shrank by what looks like 50% in Google Chrome. OK, there is a new version of Google Chrome today, and also I am sure the incessant fiddle that is Facebook was simultaneously happening. And here is the result.


In Google Chrome a presentation that might appeal to mice or ants…


In Firefox the way it is surely meant to look.

And possibly even better, here it is in Opera:


Back to Chrome, here is the ant-written version of the Facebook Help Screen. Yes, I have sent a complaint…


All those screen shots are exactly to the same scale, by the way.

Fact is, Google and/or Facebook, you have managed to render my Facebook experience almost completely useless and unworkable. Here is one work-around:


One’s faith in Facebook doesn’t actually grow when one looks at this from yesterday. Click to see the current state of play:


A shame, as like many I have come to enjoy Facebook and its quite wonderful pages like CIty Daily Photo and Lost Sydney… I did see a comment somewhere in the past day that Facebook has a talent for breaking what didn’t need fixing, and it may well be Google Chrome in its latest version has joined in.