It’s on!

Yesterday they were getting the big screen ready down at Wollongong Mall.


And this morning? Well, I didn’t get up before dawn, but did turn on the TV just now to see…



Seems to have been a good Opening Ceremony – and I am sure I will see it during the day…

Hard to believe it is so long since Sydney, and even harder to believe that I BLOGGED IT! That was such a good time!  It is easy to be cynical about the Olympic Games, and much of that is justified. However, I can’t be bothered watching Gruen Sweat either: you can overdose on cynicism.

And I have the bug and have had especially since 1972:



My cousin Beverley. I coached her, you know – in English for the School Certificate. So I have held that gold medal in my hand.

Sadly, died of heart failure in 1996.