Shutterfly–and personal history

Did you happen to watch the first YouTube in yesterday’s post?  It comes from johnnewman6153’s channel where you will find even more very remarkable videos. See too Shutterfly: John and Joan Photo Album. The video I linked to yesterday was taken in Western Australia between 1943 and 1947 and is rather better than the average home movie – not that many people really made home movies in 1943 (at least in Sutherland) – because it was shot on 16mm and has been lovingly restored frame by frame. The film was made originally by Ray Davidson, and John Newman was one of the subjects.



Those stills complement some old wartime pics of my own.


My brother Ian – probably the yard in Auburn Street Sutherland during the war.


Me in the city. Look carefully at the shirt and compare with the second still above. His father must also have been in the RAAF!