On reviewing this blog–and browsers

The new template enables something called a “featured image” – the majority of WordPress templates don’t make much of it. So I have been going back turning it on in past posts.

It is responsible for the nice image at the top of the “sticky” – that recycled post at the top – and also provides the small image beside most of the summaries here and in the categories and archives.


That’s July 2011

Another feature of this template is that it does not offer a choice about how many items to display per page. On the categories and archives you get seven, but here is why that choice has gone: on the front page there is no limit!  Scroll down and you will see what I mean. The entries keep on coming. Now that, I have decided, I really like!

And I have just changed the background a little. Seems to read better.


Now I have learned a thing or two about browsers while going through those past posts. WordPress.com does have – has long had – a bit of an issue with some browsers dating back to changes a couple of years back when the site was made secure. It seems some bits were not made secure, and browsers cope with this in various ways. Every now and again Chrome has a spasm and just stops working when you are doing editing work behind the scenes.


Typical Chrome spasm

Firefox copes but it is so amazing resource hungry, or so I find. I have Process Lasso and it goes crazy if I start doing WP work in Firefox, especially after I have been working with it for a while!


I haven’t tried Internet Explorer, which I rarely use anyway, but I have found Opera to be good when I am doing these jobs. Much lighter on resources and pretty reliable.

See also Facebook Drops Google Chrome Recommendation, Replaces It With Opera but I find that story rather fishy. Compare What web browsers does Facebook support?


It may just be the cold weather, but I am keeping an anxious eye on my heart just now.


4 thoughts on “On reviewing this blog–and browsers

  1. Neil I just wish, just once, that I could come to this blog and find all the ‘rooms’ in the same position, Feel free to call me old fashioned, but I don’t come by for the layout; more your present thoughts and travels.

    Please remember that content really is king – and I really don’t give a stuff if it’s clad in Mission Brown on a fibro shack. nttawwt; owned and used both in my life – and enjoyed it 😉

  2. Neil there was a point sometime earlier this week when your ‘latest comments’ were buried at the bottom of the screen(loads). Took so long to find them I nearly gave up in disgust.

    Now I hesitate to say this, but I quite like the simplicity of this present layout – at timecheck: Sunday 10 July 2012 4.56 p.m. because on past experience, if I visit next Wednesday, it will be different – by however many iterations, who knows?

    I can only repeat: I enjoy reading your thoughts (even when I disagree), but it would be nice just to return to the same, familiar place once in a while – just so’s I can concentrate upon your words without worrying about what to me is non-essential ‘fluff’. i.e. ‘how it looks’.

    Please accept that I say this with the best will in the world, and that I in turn accept it is just my 2c.

    • Yes, that was when I was using the template from the photoblog. This one avoids that as have the variations of the past few days, all of which are essentially two column affairs with the comments where you would expect them. This one is I think the most readable, and I do love the scrolling that is possible from page one.

      I am glad you like this one and promise it will now stay pretty much as it is.

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