Diamond Queen

I am not normally disturbed one way or the other by the fact Australia is a constitutional monarchy whose Head of State may or may not be an old lady who lives in England. (It is either her or the Governor-General, depending on who you ask or where you look.) As far as I am concerned the whole odd thing has a certain charm, and it works. Every time I see the ongoing saga of a US Presidential Election I am rather glad we are at least spared that – and spared the spectacle of turning the judiciary into yet another gaggle of elected politicians.

So roll on the Diamond Jubilee, as far as I am concerned. And I like the Queen.

Back in Sutherland we were mad for her, as I recall.



Sutherland Station decorated for the Royal Visit in 1954.

Yes, I know it looks like someone has put out their washing, but we thought it splendid at the time —

and look at those soot stains from passing steam engines!

I have to say, however, that I find Professor David Flint and the monarchists profoundly annoying. I have met the man. And no, they can shove their petition up their Khybers…


Our Canadian siblings-in-royalty aren’t devoting their national public broadcaster to the Diamond Jubilee either, though BBC Canada is giving live coverage – much as ABC 24 is here I suppose. I couldn’t quite ascertain what the Kiwis or Jamaicans are doing…


Meanwhile, you can trot down to Australia Post and pick up one of these beauties. That’s the special silver one. I will await the plebeian cupro-nickel edition.

Meanwhile I am looking forward to the final episode of The Diamond Queen on ABC tonight. I have seriously enjoyed it for the past three Sundays. 

Douglas Hurd said the most subversive thing by far, commenting on the Queen’s relationship with Margaret Thatcher: "They each thought the other was rather strange… which was true," he chuckled.


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