Fragments from Auburn Street 60-70 years ago — 1

It appears that when I was very young we got about in something like this:


How do I know? Well, thanks to The National Library of Australia’s Trove. But I think our car was black or brown…  I should also add that for some reason I have remembered the phone number of 61 Auburn Street: LB 2271. In the 1940s it was one of the few telephones in the immediate neighbourhood.

Looks as if Dad was trying to fix it but ended up selling it for parts. I have a feeling the car belonged originally to either my Grandfather Whitfield or my Grandfather Christison. I vaguely remember its back seat…



Back ten years or so I posted About the Whitfields: Wandering Willie’s Tales:

The street was a dirt road, washing away into great ruts when it rained heavily enough. Sutherland was still in touch with its semi-rural past then. The site of Gymea High School was still a dairy farm. Old Fred [Vallance] two doors down kept a cow, his backyard extending into a sizeable paddock. In his cowshed he had a gas mask from the war. It fascinated me. The cow terrified me, though its milk sustained me during the war and the period of shortages immediately after. In their backyard the Doyles had a goat.


Not the only cow either.


I remember the Allens – about three houses towards Flora Street (and Marshall’s corner grocery, now a wine shop) on our side of the road. And as for the Vallances at that time:



Their great-grandson – or great-great-grandson? — is now Headmaster at Sydney Grammar School.

More next post…