Now what was its name…?

I was asked a simple question this morning:

Thanks Neil, The links are great and the other photographs from Auburn St are really evocative–we’ve been telling our kids about it and explaining how this is a little bit of history right here! I did notice a house name plaque in one of your photos (and can see on our wall where it use to be). Any chance you recall the name of the house?


Houses used to have names quite commonly, as in this case in East Redfern/Moore Park.

And it appears my first home, 61 Auburn Street Sutherland, did have a name, but I can’t recall it and neither can my older brother.


The mystery name plate – my Uncle Eric and his son John there, before 1943.

When I can get hold of my one surviving uncle, Neil – after whom I am named – I will see if he remembers.


My Uncle Neil in the backyard of 61 Auburn Street. That yard went half-way to Acacia Road, Kirrawee, then. The house has long lost the land it then stood on.


My brother Ian. That has to be the earlier 1940s, before I was born.


Ian again on the front veranda of 61 Auburn Street.


All of us and a cousin, with Ian lurking in the background and me next to my sister and cousin, Mum leaning over my cousin.

FotoSketcher - auburn2acut

A rather ghostly image of 61 Auburn Street on 21 March, 1949.

Digging on Trove I have however found some new things, of which next entry!



2 thoughts on “Now what was its name…?

  1. Hi Neil,
    Rob’s wife Louise here. The block of units adjacent to the house was once called “Parkhaven” – does that prompt any memories? Hope your Uncle Neil’s long-term memory can deliver, as we’re all really intrigued, and would love to know what the house was called. We also wish there was a photo of the wooden awning over the front right window, as we’d love to restore it. I showed my parents (both born within weeks of you in 1943 but in another part of Sydney) your recollections of your childhood, and they were delighted at all the very similar memories your words evoked.. Mentions of choko vines, kelpie dogs, wood chop heaters, and so on has made them very nostalgic! Your blog posts, with all the family love in them, also help explain, for me, this house’s warm and welcoming feel, which is so trearued by us and still attracts comments from visitors.

  2. Unfortunately, Uncle Neil doesn’t recall the name either — though he has got the flu right now and is 88 years old this year… Thought he may recall later.

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