I have a rotten cold right now, but…

I was chuffed by the most recent comment on one of my November 2011 posts.

Wonderful blog and brilliant photographs Neil. We are now living in your old house and love it very much. I was amazed to find your photographs of the house and to read your stories about growing up in Auburn St during the 1940s–a real historical treat!

Amazing what the Internet can do.

While down memory lane, did anyone else while away time laughing hysterically at this boy, as I did when young?


Yes, Richmal Crompton’s William – now in my eBook library of 1950+ books!  In fact Just William is one of the first I downloaded and read.

Yes, very amusing, but not quite as good as I thought it was when I was 11. Nice period piece though. Oh, More William is there too! Why not? (Clicks “download”…)

You are quite safe clicking things on Project Gutenberg, but there are aspects of Facebook I have been chary of, and security software people Emisoft are too. There is some good advice there.

  • Be skeptical!
    Exciting news is not only spread over Facebook, but also over regular websites as well as radio and TV stations. If there is no news about this topic, it is very likely to be scam. Question raffles – why would anyone give away iPads in honor of Steve Jobs, and what’s more, why would they do so on Facebook?
    Hint: Google corresponding keywords such as "Amy Winehouse Video". This will often give you hints about fraud attempts.
  • Be vigilant on who sends you mails and how they address you.
    When receiving friend requests or other e-mails, please check the language. If you are using Facebook in English, Facebook sends you messages in English. Plus, you will be addressed with the name you are registered with.
  • Check links!
    Do links contained really take you to the original company website? You can see where the link takes to by hovering over the link with the cursor. If the URL looks cryptic: Hands off!
  • Do not trust your Facebook friends blindly!
    Spreading of scam is usually based on pyramid schemes. Break the chain by not buying into messages and status messages of your Facebook friends.
  • Use anti-virus software with real-time protection!