Email from Sirdan in Queensland

Not such good news.

I went for my normal annual flu vaccine, the doc started checking things, then asked if I had just run a marathon,

no, then come with me, give this man an urgent ecg, now call an ambulance, my pulse was at 160!!!!

still in, was to be let go this morning, but on awakening, my pulse was back up at 140-150

Now stuck in for the weekend… I had a heart scan, and a angiogram, watched the dye go ,

no need for any op, all clear, seems to be an electrical fault, so will need to have the circuit shocked to reset.

He must be going to have this done:

…paddles or patches are used to deliver an electric shock to the heart. This affects the electrical impulses in the heart and restores normal rhythm. This is carried out in a hospital. Doctors say that cardioversion has a success rate of over 90% in early-diagnosed patients.


Sirdan in Sydney last month