900 and counting–and AGT 2012

900 and counting

That is apparently the number of translations of all or parts of the Bible into English. One could well ask why. Much of this activity really is pointless. I myself have access one way or another to around twenty versions. But there is only one original – though I am aware that is not quite right either.

I am prompted by this news item: Bible given a new voice.

THE NAME Jesus Christ doesn’t appear in The Voice, a new translation of the Bible.

Nor do words such as angel or apostle. Instead, angel is rendered as messenger and apostle as emissary. Jesus Christ is Jesus the Anointed One or the liberating king.

Seven years in the making, The Voice is the latest US entry into the crowded field of English Bible translations.

Unlike the updated New International Version and the Common English Bible – both released last year – much of The Voice is formatted like a screenplay or novel. Translators cut out the ”he said” and ”they said” and focused on dialogue.

So in Matthew 15, when Jesus walks on the water, scaring his followers, their reaction is immediate:

Disciple: ”It’s a ghost!”

Another Disciple: ”A ghost? What will we do?”

Jesus: ”Be still. It is I; you have nothing to fear.”

According to David Capes, lead scholar for The Voice, which is published by Thomas Nelson, many people, even those who’ve gone to church for years, don’t realise that the word ”Christ” is a title.

”They think that Jesus is his first name and Christ is his last name,” says Mr Capes, who teaches the New Testament at Houston Baptist University in Texas.

See also Modern English Bible translations.  The  item from which I took the 900+ figure (“…no one can give you an exact number for the English translations and paraphrases of the Bible printed since Tyndale’s New Testament of 1526…) is also a good example of the perils of uncontrolled spam comments!

Funny the new translation is called The Voice

Australia’s Got Talent 2012

I haven’t bothered with Channel Nine’s The Voice, but I did enjoy Australia’s Got Talent so much last year that I thought I would tune in last night – and it was entertaining.

Here is one act I liked.