My overstuffed (virtual) bookshelf

I have borrowed/adapted my title and the following picture from My Overstuffed Bookshelf.


How many books are in that picture? Around 200, I would say.

Now let’s look at my virtual bookshelf, as seen in Calibre on my laptop. 


That’s the latest freebie from Smashwords there in the reader window. My Calibre list varies slightly from what I have on my Kobo Reader. On Kobo the total now exceeds 1,400 titles, all but one totally free. Well, apart from the cost of downloading from one source or another. On that see 446 Places for Free Books Online.

So my virtual bookshelf —


… is now seven times the bookshelf at the top of this entry – and there’s plenty of space left!

Here’s one item on that shelf, rather better than what recently passed for debate on QandA:

248746-MThis leads me to remark that I have almost always been treated honestly by my reviewers, passing over those without scientific knowledge as not worthy of notice. My views have often been grossly misrepresented, bitterly opposed and ridiculed, but this has been generally done, as I believe, in good faith. On the whole I do not doubt that my works have been over and over again greatly overpraised. I rejoice that I have avoided controversies, and this I owe to Lyell, who many years ago, in reference to my geological works, strongly advised me never to get entangled in a controversy, as it rarely did any good and caused a miserable loss of time and temper.

Whenever I have found out that I have blundered, or that my work has been imperfect, and when I have been contemptuously criticised, and even when I have been overpraised, so that I have felt mortified, it has been my greatest comfort to say hundreds of times to myself that "I have worked as hard and as well as I could, and no man can do more than this." I remember when in Good Success Bay, in Tierra del Fuego, thinking (and, I believe, that I wrote home to the effect) that I could not employ my life better than in adding a little to Natural Science. This I have done to the best of my abilities, and critics may say what they like, but they cannot destroy this conviction.

During the two last months of 1859 I was fully occupied in preparing a second edition of the ‘Origin,’ and by an enormous correspondence….


Next time I will explain how having so many books on my Kobo and/or Calibre isn’t as stupid as it may seem – given that I could very well die before reading them all! I must say, though, that I am actually finding the Kobo enables me to read FASTER and MORE EFFICIENTLY – believe it or not!