The series of transformations here…

… and to a lesser extent on the photoblog may of course merely be a way of channelling the seething frustration I feel with the barnyard in Canberra, where the soap opera’s climax is predicted for Monday next – or is that more correctly anticlimax.

A bit like politics, I suppose, I have been seeking resolutions to a number of contradictory features on this blog. I wanted to preserve the rather extraordinary number of feeds on the side, or down below in some cases, because they replace the Google Reader I once had open to all. Or they try to replace it, with some reinforcement on Facebook for those who can read me there. They also keep me alerted to what is going on on my selected sites.

There is also a list of what I regard as good commentaries on climate change – something Kevin Rudd was pretty much right about at least until the 2010 election. To be fair to him he really did try at Copenhagen, but who exactly caused the double backflip with sauce and fries is still mired in controversy. I think they all panicked – and I still blame the Greens personally for being so bloody-minded in their own way. Anyway, whatever the pollies do or don’t do, and whatever paid and unpaid advocates of so-called skepticism say on the matter, the effects of our exploitation of the planet just keep on racking up. You can at least get some reliable information from the sites in the side bar.

Another issue has been picture size. Getting a combo that displays them fully without distortion has been a desideratum all along. The current template does that. So did the one I tested yesterday, but I think the one I am now using – and yes variations on it have been here before – is much more readable.

Finally there is download time. This is not the fastest, but it’s not too bad.

Oh and the background at the moment is based on a capture from a 1950s documentary I told you about in Oz Day Surry Hills nostalgia. It’s the Sydney Boys High corridor outside the current English staffroom, then the library, in the mid 1950s.

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  1. Don’t know if this applies to most WordPress templates… But this one comes over very well on my iPhone (a desideratum of mine); content up top and the long trail of the side bar beneath.

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