Populist crud Abbott’s unworkable asylum seeker policy

A friend in the Navy instantly Facebooked on this: “Idiot. I may have to leave the country if he becomes PM.” A Navy colleague responded: “Is he going to give us more money, more people and more ships to do this???” I can imagine these reactions will be widespread in Navy circles.  You may recall the documentary Leaky Boat last year showed how Naval personnel felt about their tasks back in the opening years of this century. They still feel the same way.

See my posts Leaky Boat: the documentary (9 July 2011), The mess we have let ourselves be sucked into… (11 May 2011), Incandescent with rage: 1 (8 July 2011), Incandescent with rage: 2–not dimming but refining (8 July 2011) and This was meant to be a comment on current affairs… (9 August 2011).

It is just too depressing to argue against Abbott’s calculated idiocy – calculated as his latest entry in the race to the abyss he is engaged with in outshitting Julia and company who are disgraceful also. Read those entries, and contemplate the Tourette’s syndrome that led to Abbott’s classic “joke” the other day.

TONY Abbott has come under fire for joking about the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia sinking that has claimed at least 11 lives.

The Opposition Leader said on radio "that was one boat that did get stopped, wasn’t it?"

Mr Abbott had been asked a tongue-in-cheek question from a Triple M presenter about the captain of the ship.

"The captain of the Costa Concordia wants to know if you need any help with your boat policy?" the presenter said.

After Mr Abbott replied "that was one boat that did get stopped”, presenters laughed.

Mr Abbott used the phrase "stop the boats" during the 2010 election campaign, to explain his policy to reduce the number of asylum seekers illegally travelling to Australia by boat.

Stop the Abbott!