Out and about–doc, library, pho, Yours and Owls

Down to the doctors. Aside from rotten teeth – waiting on dealing with them – and sore heel, and of course the heart, and other signs of decay, it turns out I am fine. A blood test I had on Monday indicated alcohol consumption. I wondered how that could be – though I do drink wine moderately. But then I remembered I had the blood test the day after the last “pub crawl” with Sirdan – well two pubs – before he went to Queensland.

Then the Library. I have a lot of good books to tell you about shortly, and borrowed more today. I am especially attracted at the moment to smiley-happy005smiley-happy005[5]smiley-happy005[7]smiley-happy005[10] My Dog Gave Me the Clap by Adam Morris – an easy read. I consumed half of it with coffee at Yours and Owls. “Adam Morris’ dog says he resents the implication. Fair enough. Despite these conflicts I found My Dog Gave Me the Clap to be a funny, strange and compelling read.” I agree! I will almost certainly finish it after posting this!





You may notice I never use natural colouring for Yours and Owls. Heightening it is more truthful. Winking smile