2011 retrospective – 9 — September

But first see how the sun has come out this morning!


Over the road from The Bates Motel looking south

You may recall September departing with sound and fury. And there I reminded you that September had begun thus:

September began fairly dramatically for the Oz Government and its serial messing up of refugee policy: The High Court has struck down the Gillard Government’s refugee swap with Malaysia. As it should have. And did. “New Dawn” is over-egging though… records the outcome of our local government elections.

I took you for a walk 0n 5 September in Come for a walk–with Henry Kendall too and then I took you on my morning walk. Here’s the afternoon for you….

Lovely Chinese music on that one.

If you look at 6 September you will see a series of archive explorations. I think I found some lovely stuff. Smile

I have found my “blog” for September 2001.

05 Sep 2001

poetry..challenge and consolation

Poetry has been a passion and a sustenance in my often impractical and prodigal life, in dark phases and in times of joy. I wish I could write it better. Here’s someone who could; but is the title true? In some ways, maybe…

W.B. Yeats (1865–1939). from The Wild Swans at Coole. 1919.

Men improve with the Years
I AM worn out with dreams;
A weather-worn, marble triton
Among the streams;
And all day long I look
Upon this lady’s beauty
As though I had found in book
A pictured beauty,
Pleased to have filled the eyes
Or the discerning ears,
Delighted to be but wise,
For men improve with the years;
And yet and yet
Is this my dream, or the truth?
O would that we had met
When I had my burning youth;
But I grow old among dreams,
A weather-worn, marble triton
Among the streams.
Offered for your pleasure.

Next day: That’s all there is! and I went for the first time in a while to The Swell Cafe in Wollongong. Nice.

Nostalgic and visual in September, eh! And occasionally cryptic.

This one attracted some comments: Is that all there is? And how to remember 9/11 constructively…

If you read That’s all there is! yesterday you may be wondering if I would still endorse this:

I am now utterly convinced (and this from a one-time Evangelical Christian) that all sacred texts are of human origin and one of the world’s most dangerous delusions is the belief in inerrant verbal revelations from the Divine…

Do I still feel the same way? Sure do… You may be interested to read Jews, Christians and Judaeo-Christians by Geza Vermes (December 2011).

Family in Returnee! on 9 September. My grand-nephew Nathan visiting (unwittingly as it happened) his Whitfield ancestry in Ireland.

Then of course there was the tenth anniversary of 11 September: On the day, May this day not be marred by more hate or violence and Quiet post: West Wollongong evening and morning.

Nostalgic again, thanks to Facebook, in Class of 1986 please note: you’re getting old!  15 September was R U OK? Day and also a time to review Alas, poor Julia–or why I ENJOY “At Home with Julia”.

In the last half of the month The Shire exerted a strong pull on this blog and on me.

And then we had Jack Vidgen in The Gong.

This did lead me to wonder about YOUNG ADOLESCENT MALE TORCH SINGERS – there seem to be a lot of them.

And politics? Well one post will suffice from the rest of September: Such hideous and absurd things have happened in this world, my friends!