2011 retrospective–3 — March

March opened ominously: “Wollongong Hospital after a small heart attack… I’ll be here a little while yet.” But never one to forego a good blogging opportunity, I had baby Toshiba join me..

Still here and needing a shave, but this pic from Baby Toshiba’s webcam looks a bit less like a death mask! Smile  Baby Toshiba is in hospital too now, Thanks, Sirdan, for coming down yesterday and fetching some things for me!

My photo posts on 3 March showed the place as not totally unpleasant after all. Two interesting fellow-sufferers were Rocky Ruse, direct descendant of the Colony’s first farmer James Ruse, and former school principal Alan Sillitoe.

On 5 March I had time to follow one or my pet issues: Clive James in today’s Oz–elegantly done, delightful, and totally beside the point.

7 March was Angiogram day – but it turned into rather more as I described the next day,

9 March saw my Return to The Bates Motel.

Some reading followed: Is “The Slap” as good as everyone says?   Then came the Japanese tsunami.

Back in 1998 I befriended a young backpacker from Sendai. His real name is Kyohiko Kato, and today I am hoping he is OK. Back then I wrote a lot about Kyo. See a learning journal from 1998: Literacy — My year with a Japanese Backpacker….

13 March brought a treat: First Sunday out of cardiac ward: Mount Kembla Pub. Thanks to Sirdan and P.

On the Monday I turned to what was on many minds: Japan’s catastrophe and the future of nuclear power.  TV was good that night: Classic QandA last night!

More reading on 16 March: “The Stone Gods” — Jeanette Winterson (2007).

20 March was a wet weekend, but M came down to visit – which was very welcome. We went to the Diggers Club. The wet continued, but I was motivated to post Christmas Island, asylum seekers, frustrations of blogging.

One of the frustrations of blogging is that no matter how you might have hoped to put an issue to bed in any one post you can be sure that if the issue rises again any response you might make has to assume that great post hasn’t been read! So one is condemned to endlessly repetition! Or so it seems….

That’s still so true! Except lately I have reconciled myself to more modest blogging ambitions perhaps. And speaking of the need for endless repetition: Political airheads, coke bottles, charcoal and carbon tax.

26 March was NSW Election Day. Then NSW welcomes Premier Bazza..

Went down to Wollongong Harbour on 29 March – and noted:

  • 29 days, 1 hour, 15 minutes and 15 seconds smoke free.
  • 1453 cigarettes not smoked.
  • $928.00 saved.

That’s now

  • 283 days, 5 hours, 38 minutes and 4 seconds smoke free.
  • 14162 cigarettes not smoked.
  • $9,056.00 saved.

At the end of March I made my first trip to Sydney after the cardiac event: Live from the Sydney train.

Here is the photo blog representation of March 2011: