Back to 1944–or even earlier

FotoSketcher - ian1

That’s my brother Ian going to school. The photo is in Auburn Street Sutherland – yes, a dirt road then. The house is the McNamara place, opposite ours. Roy Mac had a slit trench air-raid shelter. If the point of this pic is my brother’s first day in “big school” then it would be around 1941, but it is certainly no later than 1944.

FotoSketcher - warfamily

Now that one, it seems to me, is 1944-45, but very likely 1945. In the left panel my Aunt Ruth Christison, mother of Ray who has lately commented here. I am in front of her, no older than 2 years which was 1945. The centre panel has my mother Jean, my Uncle Neil Christison, on leave no doubt from the RAAF at the time, and my sister Jeanette (1940-1952).  I am named after Uncle Neil, who is still with us. On the right my Aunt Beth Christison, later Beth Heard, and my brother Ian.


See also Anzac Day scans.


November 1944


Even today you can see how close the bush, especially The Royal National Park, is to Auburn Street. We certainly would have seen and smelled those fires. I can’t remember the 1944 ones, but I sure remember some bad ones in the late 40s and early 50s, including one where the whole horizon was fire and smoke.

My Uncle Keith may have been among the servicemen fighting the 1944 fire as I believe around that time he was stationed at Loftus.