Auburn Street Sutherland again–worth double posting



61 Auburn Street, Sutherland – 28 November 2011


61 Auburn Street, Sutherland 1946 or early 1947

Left to right: Me, my sister Jeanette (1940-1952),  my cousin Helen, my mother.

À la recherche du temps perdu — 3 on the Photo Blog.


4 thoughts on “Auburn Street Sutherland again–worth double posting

  1. Wonderful blog and brilliant photographs Neil. We are now living in your old house and love it very much. I was amazed to find your photographs of the house and to read your stories about growing up in Auburn St during the 1940s–a real historical treat!

    • Thanks Neil, The links are great and the other photographs from Auburn St are really evocative–we’ve been telling our kids about it and explaining how this is a little bit of history right here! I did notice a house name plaque in one of your photos (and can see on our wall where it use to be). Any chance you recall the name of the house?


  2. Now there’s a thought. I really can’t recall the name, so I rang my older brother in Tasmania and he can’t either, though he thinks it began with “W”! I will see if my one surviving uncle remembers — my first attempt to contact him didn’t work out. But you have inspired a new post for later today.

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