Wetness, colourful ancestors, Facebook and rellos

Wetness is The Bates Motel this morning.


Colourful ancestors:


See yesterday’s post and especially my cousin Ray Christison’s additions about our great-grandfather “Professor” John Hampton Christison. Not so cool for our grandfather or for great-grandmother Sophia Jane though.  Regular reader Martin thought of Bleak House – marvellous book! – when he read the story yesterday. I think of the King and the Duke in Huckleberry Finn.


Artist Norman Rockwell

Ray is just one of a heap of cousins Facebook has delivered after, sadly, the recent death of my Uncle Roy. He is the son of my Uncle Keith and Aunt Ruth, both deceased.


Keith and Ruth, my father on the left. Taken the year I was born.

Ray has a fascinating business:


Do have a look.

And as before, praise to Facebook. We often read of worries and complaints about FB, but what a boon it is too! Compare Facebook does it for me again…, Thoughts on Facebook and The relatives I didn’t know–thanks, Facebook!

And for the Facebook Christisons: say Hi to another cousin you didn’t know. Karly Morgan is the great-granddaughter of Isobel!