Is the Christmas Bush early this year?


A boatload of Christmas Bush (Ceratopetalum gummiferum) being rowed towards Sydney for sale in the markets [Sydney Mail 23 December 1882]

See also my posts in 2007 (1 December)  and 2010 (20 December).




Took the photos this morning in West Wollongong.

Not outrageously early, perhaps, but ahead of recent years for this part of the world?

Harvest is early November – mid December on the NSW north coast and SE Qld. with bud initiation after short days around late June, bud development through July and August, flowering in September and fruit development through October. This timing will be later in colder districts. Product from NSW south coast and central Victoria flowers in January and is harvested in March. Plants harvested for the first time are earlier by about one week than older plants. – source

See also 11 11 11– last time this happened my father was born two weeks later….