So October 2011 comes to an end…

What a month in the wider world as well as in Australia! Not much of it has been reflected here in this blog in this corner of Wollongong, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been noting. Increasingly, however, Facebook is the place I go to register (some of) the world’s greater doings, for good or ill – there and my Google Reader.


The most amazing phenomenon in my blog world in the past month comes from one of my mothball fleet.

English/ESLThis Month's Visits and Page Views

Can you guess which was the day before the first HSC English paper? October 17 set a new record for English/ESL: 2,086 hits in one day according to WordPress! There were 1,034 on the 16th and 1,067 on the 18th, the day of the exam!

Here the top visits have been to the following posts, remembering that “showcase” is unique to the previous template and could be thought of as the same as “home”.

  1. Home page 771 visits
  2. Showcase 671
  3. Thanks, Tilly and Kate! 558
  4. Nostalgia and the globalising world — from Thomas Hardy to 2010 207
  5. Being Australian 16: inclusive multiculturalism Aussie style 9 – my tribes 106
  6. A very personal Australia Day 26 January – my family 87
  7. Jack Vidgen–Australia’s Got Talent last night 79
  8. Coming to you for the first time from the Yum Yum Cafe… 79
  9. Australia’s Got Talent 2011 Grand Final 72
  10. Oh Lordie, Lordie! I am posting from Carbon Central NSW and the sky… 66
  11. The Rainbow Warrior 61
  12. Facebook does it for me again… 55
  13. Niggling example of political short-sightedness: Maldon-Dombarton rail link 44
  14. Snapshot of a nation losing its faith 43
  15. About 42
  16. Has school bullying increased? 36
  17. Comment restrictions now apply to this blog 35
  18. This may well be the best Australian history book I have EVER read! 33
  19. Thoughts on Facebook 28
  20. Really thought-provoking — Adam Curtis on SBS last night 28