It’s them again!



You have to hand it to them: she’s 85 and he’s 90!

They didn’t visit The Gong this time, or Sydney – but The Illawarra Mercury decided to correct this oversight.


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth made a surprise stop on her Australian tour yesterday, popping into her favourite coastal city.

Despite her disappointment at the closure of Janet’s Royalty Rooms late last month, the iconic monarch was adamant she would still find plenty of support – not to mention good times – in the Steel City.

Her Majesty’s royal carriage wound its way from Sydney Airport via the coastal route so the 85-year-old could take in the view from the iconic Sea Cliff Bridge.

The Queen’s grandsons may be known for their love of aerial hijinx, but yesterday it was Queen Elizabeth’s chance for some high adrenaline aerial sports.

She sky dived over North Wollongong beach…

Yes that didn’t happen, Virginia! But look back to 1954:



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