The relatives I didn’t know–thanks, Facebook!

Can you see the resemblances?


That’s me on the right, and on the left one grand-niece, one grand-nephew, and one great-grand-nephew twice! Two live in Queensland, one in London but comes from North Queensland. I have not actually met any of them, though the grand-niece and I have exchanged messages increasingly on Facebook.

The grand-niece and I seem to share quite a few views too, and I am so proud that she is a part of this.

As schools and welfare authorities face mounting pressures to deal with troubled teenage boys, government agencies are now looking towards an early intervention program that boasts an impressive 85 percent success rate. The program, based in country Victoria, offers the boys a dose of country life and introspection in a bid to help change their destructive behaviour.

…SAM GRIFFITHS-LEWINO: A whole lot of things: how to control my anger and sort of thing. Like, my behaviours, just everything’s changed, yeah.
LIZZIE SYDNEY, MOTHER: I just think it’s been great to have the break from the anger because it was a vicious circle that made us angry. So I just think, yeah, we’ll all probably be a lot calmer now, hopefully.
JAKE SIDNEY: I really am just looking forward just to be getting back on track, goin’ back to school and, yeah, just accomplishing a lot more than what I was before I came back to Typo.
MOTHER: Today, just seeing him, I’m really proud of him.
HEATHER EWART: At the presentation ceremony, there are emotional speeches as well.
JAKE SIDNEY: If it wasn’t for Typo, I probably wouldn’t be where I am now. And, um, it’s just really cool and thank you.
HEATHER EWART: These boys may never see each other again, but they will have regular contact with Typo Station counsellors for the next two years as their progress is checked.
CHRIS ZIEBELL: I’m really confident that there’s a rocky road ahead and a tough mountain to climb for a lot of these fellas. And I’m really confident that they’ve taken something away from this.
HEATHER EWART: On past experience, 85 per cent of them will make a go of things, and that’s enough for government agencies to take increasing interest in this model. Early intervention is starting to be embraced as time and money well spent….

Since that report Looking for Youth Enterprise Trust (YET)? YET and Evolve at Typo Station have formally merged to become Evolve – one national organisation, delivering early intervention programs for disadvantaged young people. My grand-niece is a program coordinator in Queensland. Smile