Back in The Steel Wok eating green curry chicken…

You may remember the Steelers Club went out of action almost two weeks ago. Well now it’s back and today the old folks can play Bingo again. In fact they are doing it right now.


Yes here I sit in The Steelers with my Rabbitohs hat on… Winking smile

You will see how close the club is to the grandstand that threatened to fall on it.



Thoughts on Facebook

There is a fashion for negative Facebook and other social media stories. Today, for example, Indonesian extremists turn to Twitter to fuel acts of terrorism. The story does go on to note:

Amid a tepid response by authorities to the phenomena, civil society groups such as the Provocateurs for Peace in Ambon, a multi-religious group led by Pastor Jacky Manuputty, have started using social media and SMS to counter the continuing allegations and rumours trying to stir up trouble in Ambon.

"We know how powerful this social media can be and how it can help our movement fight back," he said. "The authorities and police here need to do better. There is no centralised place to co-ordinate [combating the rumours] so we just do it ourselves. We could not wait for the government."

And good for them!

So often stories about the evil done by Facebook or Twitter seem tantamount to blaming the wall for the graffiti.

Then we hear from time to time that Facebook is on the way out… Duh!


I rejoice in Facebook. Here are several good reasons:



All those people are real. Some I am related to. Some I only met through Facebook. Some I once taught. Some I didn’t. Some live in Australia. Many do not. Some even live in Assam, where I have a number of mathematical friends… And then there are people from my past, some as far back as fifty years.

I call it wonderful. Don’t you?


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