Yes, there really does seem to be a phenomenon going here, as I thought while watching Jack Vidgen (14) perform in Wollongong yesterday. Don’t get me wrong: I think Jack really has a lot of talent and four octaves is quite a range no matter what one’s age (or gender). He did get the crowd in too – and not just the tweenies in the front rows.


Of course the one he’s often compared to is Justin Bieber (b. 1994) whose hair style Jack seems to have observed closely, but I do really think Jack has the better voice.

The UK has the even younger Ronan Parke (b. 1998). And that’s what really got me wondering. Consider this:

If you listen to the words, or even better watch Christina Perri’s powerful original, you can’t help wondering why on earth a 12 or 13-year-old boy is singing it!

Just saying… Who am I to comment at my age?

Any number of hopefuls out there in the world from all over it seems. And why not, if they are fulfilling a creative urge, finding pleasure in the music and giving it too? Odd though. Such a bitter song.