Jack Vidgen comes to Wollongong

Oh yes he did!


And that’s a grab from a video I am still working on… He really is very good.

Beforehand some people were doing odd things to babies…



The crowd waited…



6 thoughts on “Jack Vidgen comes to Wollongong

  1. “He”?
    Are you sure? That looks like Justin Bieber’s sister to me. Someone needs to verify this.

    Aside: hey, I heard a pretty good song by an Australian while watching the Australian movie, Griff the Invincible.

    The movie sadly wasn’t very good, but the song is! There are no floating babies in it though, as far as I know.

    (For the record, I’m not a Belieber)

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  3. I agree. He sounds quite good. Kind of like that woman from the old band TLC. I know that sounds like a backhanded compliment after what I joked above, but I mean it non-back-handedly.

  4. Australian Joke – What do you call an Australian local area network? The LAN down under.

    (You’ve no doubt heard that one before, but it’s new to me.)

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