September is streaking by!

As I mentioned the other day, a year ago was the End of an era: June 1992 to September 2010!

The longest I have ever been at one address: Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills.

Swept the garage today, gathered the last load of stuff, left the keys behind.

Later that week I posted one of my better “through the window” shots.

Now back to Cronulla and last Saturday

Captures from my video:


First time I have seen Gunnamatta Bay from a train window for at least 45 years!


Former students

From the Facebook Album:



Centre – Alan, who was Head Teacher Maths when I was teaching English.

Update from Facebook: “Well there you go couple of the best league players to come out of the school John Watkins and Bruce Howell with their old coach Alan Andrews.”

And for the record here is the Class of 1968 in 1968!


See How young we were! and More Cronulla High memories.

It was great to see Marilyn Markham (Berriman) on Saturday, except that she looked so well preserved!  Winking smile