How to drive the new template

Each dot here is a featured post. Check them out. They will change regularly, drawing on the archive here.

I have gone to a lot of trouble to maximise the advantages of this template. Weird, I know, but central to the design is this:


… because I like it and it’s so Australian…

Then the various versions over about a week were tested in my Netbook as well as the main laptop. Many failed that test. This one came out best, and also has features I haven’t started to use yet – and may not, of course.

One trick is to click on a post title when you read. This makes the side bar, but not the bottom bars, disappear and makes for a really clear uncluttered view.

On the photoblog  I am using a brand new template. It is just right for photos, not so good for text. However, if you click a tag or archive over there you will see something brilliant. No other template I have ever used does that!