It’s a year this week since finally moving in…

September 19 2010

It was the frogs that reminded me. Heard them clicking away and recalled this time last year.

Last night strange noises kept me awake for a while. I searched my room at the Bates Motel for a source of these weird clickings, to no avail. Eventually I worked out it was frogs outside. Yes, frogs.

Not used to all this Nature. ;)


Look at tonight’s sunset – from my window of course.




Flyscreen – not a filter.

One thought on “It’s a year this week since finally moving in…

  1. I remember that. And I remember going to post a link to a song called ‘The Frogs’, just before realising the artist and his band were collossal bigots. (Hence the lack of a comment on my part in the original post).

    Happy Froggiversary!

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