It’s a year this week since finally moving in…

September 19 2010

It was the frogs that reminded me. Heard them clicking away and recalled this time last year.

Last night strange noises kept me awake for a while. I searched my room at the Bates Motel for a source of these weird clickings, to no avail. Eventually I worked out it was frogs outside. Yes, frogs.

Not used to all this Nature. ;)


Look at tonight’s sunset – from my window of course.




Flyscreen – not a filter.

Reposting from the photo blog: more on The Shire!

Did you know The Shire has its own flag?*


Sutherland flag



Sutherland Station

* So does Wollongong have a flag…


Wollongong The Brave! (On One Side…)

Raise your heads high
See a burnt sienna sky
Land so free
Of trees
You may laugh, say we pong
But to me it’s Wollongong
Wollongong the Brave
Lift up your hand
To an Illawarra land
Of Dapto, Port Kembula and thee
What should I say?
Should I just say "G’day"?
Wollongong the Brave

The ages wait for us to share
Our wit and wisdom with the world
We don’t have class
But we do have Bulli Pass
And Mount Ouseley
So be proud and shout loud
Speak Australian, make the sound
Wollon the Gonga the Brave

Break free from our bonds
Like an island of palm fronds
Aloha my Wollongong the Brave

Stand tall, straight and strong
Hold your nose in Wollongong
Land that is girt by sea
On one side

The less said about Oz politics right now the better…

Moir and Cathy Wilcox pretty much sum up one issue from my point of view, and I have to say I don’t think I have ever seen any performance more plain stupid, among other things,  than the Gillard government on asylum seekers. Absolutely mind-bendingly pathetic and  bankrupt.



See also among many others Labor’s policies need some serious definition by Michelle Grattan.

And the climate change policy is a bit of a pig’s arse as well, only slightly better (in my view) than doing nothing.