Class of 1986 please note: you’re getting old!

Yes, it just dawned on me that you are now the same age I was when I taught you.


Some of the class of 1986, including the one who has just come to light again on Facebook!

D now has kids, lives in another country,  and has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

Of course I haven’t changed at all.


Yes, a quarter of a century has now gone by! Really! No, I don’t believe it either.

Perhaps we can reflect on another change – this from two years ago:

Yes, it has had many names. And speaking of names:


You can click on those to see them bigger.

And there are a few old posts to look at too: Surry Hills 37: Sydney Boys High Moore Park, aka “The Mine”; Curiosities and ephemera 2; Teacher pride 2; Famous ex-Miners; 25 June 2008 – Three New Judges Appointed to the Federal Court; My archaeology; Old haunt derelict now and Search Results for: sydney boys high 1959.


And here’s another memory courtesy of the class of 2002.