“New Dawn” is over-egging though…


Elections herald a new dawn

Today marks an historic occasion for the Illawarra as democracy returns to Wollongong and Shellharbour – and it is expected to bring a distinct blue tinge.

For the first time in 20 years in Wollongong, and ever in Shellharbour, Liberal representatives are tipped to hold councillor seats.

In Shellharbour, Liberal candidate Kellie Marsh is predicted to gain the party’s first seat on the council, which had been reduced from 13 members to seven following a government review earlier this year…

The Liberals have reportedly invested substantially in the party’s Wollongong lord mayoral campaign, making a solid push to capture the city’s top job and establish a strong conservative presence on both previously Labor-dominated councils.

If successful, the party could lay claim to furthering its advance into Labor heartland and changing the Illawarra’s local government landscape like never before, heralding a new direction for our two great cities.

But last week’s Mercury-IRIS poll suggests the Liberals may not have done enough to snatch away an expected lord mayoral victory from independent candidate and former Church on the Mall minister Gordon Bradbery…


I voted after refuelling and studying the form at the Yum Yum Cafe.



Why has Wollongong been voteless for so long? That’s a story worth putting on stage!

10.30 pm

Latest results for Lord Mayor have Independent Gordon Bradbery in front with 34% of the vote, then John Dorahy (Liberal) with 23.4%, and Chris Connor (Labor and grandson of Whitlam minister Rex Connor) at 19.7%.